Currently, I work at the Austin Chamber by day, and work for a few select web clients by night. This is an unusual combo, I admit, but I really enjoy how seemingly disparate interests positively reinforce each other. If you visit newtoncircle.com, you can see where I used to keep my web portfolio. From a legal perspective, Newton Circle still exists, but it seems more appropriate now to show my work under my own name. The portfolio is a combination of my work in a variety of capacities.

The articles on this site are mostly my thoughts on Chambers of Commerce.

I grew up in the Philippines and Singapore for the most part, but spent some time in North Carolina, Louisiana and Austin. I went to college at Georgia Tech then I met my wife in Texas. We have lived in different parts of Texas for the last ten years, and love it, but are looking forward to where in the world we will end up next.