09 Aug 15

Internet Speeds as Place Design

First, our region should identify 1,000 Mbps internet as an economic development goal. We also need to document the benefits that fast and affordable internet will bring to our region. Finally, we should work together to begin to make this a realty.

11 Dec 14

Where my Parents Have Lived

I was discussing with my father my observation that my current house, where I have lived for over 5 years, is the longest I have ever lived anywhere. This is what he sent me in reply.

02 Sep 14

Where I Have Lived

Before I was 2 years old, my parents and I were moving to the Philippines. The map below shows all the places I have lived.

19 Aug 14

What Member Management Software Should Be

Chambers of Commerce and Associations are in the relationship business. Businesses join our organizations, and often have multiple individual representatives who participate in multiple ways at multiple times throughout the year.

07 May 14

Thinking About the Future and Delivering Value to Investors

Traditionally, if a business wants to introduce themselves, build business relationships, or be influential, a Chamber of Commerce was the place to do it.

23 Sep 13

A New Tiered Revenue Model

I am delighted to share some work that I am very proud of. In collaboration with a volunteer task force, I developed this revenue program in response to our strategic plan from a few months earlier.

18 Jul 12

IOM Graduation

I recently graduated from the Institute for Organization Management by the US Chamber. It was a great program spread out over four years. I have met friends for life, so when the task of creating a video for our graduation came up, I had to raise my hand.

13 Dec 11

Third Culture Kid

I grew up mostly in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore for my middle and high school years. One of the most interesting things that would happen was the scramble at the beginning of a new school year to integrate the new kids.